It is the duty of the parent to:

  • attend every lesson with their child
  • guide the child’s daily practice
  • create a supportive learning environment at home
  • providing daily opportunities to listen to the Suzuki CD
  • enrich the child’s musical environment by attending concerts together


  • An appropriate sized instrument in good condition
  • Fine tuners on all strings are absolutely necessary
  • Rosin
  • Shoulder Pad: either an appropriate sized “Wolf” or the “Zaret” sponge and rubber bands. The rubber bands should be broad and flat. Always keep an extra one in the violin case.
  • Two spiral notebooks to take notes during the lessons.
  • Flashcards for Violin: First Position by Notes and Strings ($10)
  • Suzuki Materials: Suzuki Violin School, Book 1 REVISED Edition and CD (Preucil) (~$15)